2023-2024 season will have an optional “Drop-in Night”



The Ladder League-LSC currently runs a women’s league as well as a men’s league!

The ladder system is a great way to keep players competing with people that are within their skill level, over the years LSC has found that after the ladder “sorts itself out” (takes a week or two for players to end up in the right section of the ladder) a lot of matches were tight with most going 4 or even the full 5 games. A lot of players find themselves sitting around chatting after their match for a social aspect, it’s also a great way to see the differences in other peoples playing habits and pick up techniques from different styles of play.

Each week you have to play at least 1 match (Sunday to Sunday) in league play. A match is the best of 5 games (i.e., First player to win 3 games), games go to 11 (win by 2 points). You can challenge another league participant up to 5 spaces above you, if you win then you take their place in the ladder (the player you win against drops one space), if you lose then everyone stays where they are.

Once the challenge has been accepted by the other league participant, you will book the court through online access. Right after your match you simply enter the scores, this keeps the ladder current and helps with multiple challenges being outstanding. If you don’t play for 2 consecutive weeks you will be dropped 10 spaces in the ladder, this is to help keep players on the court and accepting challenges. You’re welcome to play as many matches as you would like, but at least one must be played per week.

Games are played as “point per rally”. coin toss or spin the racket to determine the player that starts serving for the first game, winner of the game starts serving the next game.

LSC likes to keep this a relaxed atmosphere so just chat about the fine details before you start your match and agree on whatever you’re both comfortable with.



Leagues run from October-April but you are welcome to join anytime!